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Yes we speak english!

After spending a year and a half working in london, travelling around on his bicycle in great britain, and watching hours of english speaking tv shows, mister Kiko is proud to say, "Yes we speak english"! You can come in and hope to have a wonderful conversation about the pros and cons of external or press fit bottom brackets without the fear of not being understood.



After four years spent working in different workshops for a big sporting goods retailer, Mister kiko has built himself a solid experience in bike mechanics. He can work quickly and efficiently.

Free cost estimates

Nobody likes to pay for a cost estimate, no worries here, you can come in and have the detailed list of what has to be fixed on your bike, your not gonna be charged for it.


Mister kiko likes to understand the mechanics that lead your bike to breaking up. He can help you understand them to help you avoid a premature wear and tear on your ride.



having it repaired instead of throwing it away, it's far smarter ! It avoids filling up recycling centers, raw materials that would otherwise have to be extracted to make up a new bike, can quietly stay underground !


Mister Kiko also buys bikes that would be too pricey to have repaired, so you can be sure they will be re-used as spare parts. universal donnors in sum.